Stop Anti-Asian Violence

We are grieved and outraged at the recent racist, misogynistic murders in Atlanta. In solidarity, we condemn the rise in violence against Asian Americans, and the white supremacy culture that informs it.

Thank you to the many people who’ve shared resources online—including those listed on this website, which contains links to more information about anti-Asian violence in the United States, opportunities to offer support to organizations serving the AAPI community, and ways to report hate crimes and racially-motivated violence.

You can contribute to this GoFundMe campaign (organized by GoFundMe) which will distribute money raised “to trusted AAPI organizations working to rectify the racial inequalities in our society.”

Hollaback is hosting bystander intervention training with a focus on Anti-Asian-American and xenophobic harassment.

We encourage your support for the many literary organizations that lift up the work of AAPI writers, including our colleagues at Kundiman and Asian American Writers’ Workshop.