Announcing Copper Canyon Press’s Fall/Winter 2022 Publishing Season

We are delighted to announce the publication of ten new books of incredible poetry in fall/winter 2022:

[To] The Last [Be] Human, Jorie Graham (September 2022)

Black Swim, Nicholas Goodly (September 2022)

Names and Rivers, Shuri Kido translated by Tomoyuki Endo and Forrest Gander (September 2022)

Intimacies, Received, Taneum Bambrick (September 2022)

Late Summer Ode, Olena Kalytiak Davis (October 2022)

The End of Michelangelo, Dan Gerber (October 2022)

Your Face My Flag, Julian Gewirtz (October 2022)

Wind, Trees, John Freeman (October 2022)

Knot, Forrest Gander and the photographer Jack Shear (November 2022)

A House Called Tomorrow: 50 Years of Poetry from Copper Canyon Press, edited by Michael Wiegers (January 2023)